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Who We Are

LEGAL DRX was created to address the problem of consumer access to illegal and illegitimate DRX9000 medical devices serviced with counterfeit parts from false representatives of the Axiom Worldwide brand. These illegal machines can be a result of one or more of the following:

  • Improperly serviced
  • Improper working condition
  • No medical protocol training
  • No certification
  • Illegal parts and service
  • Counterfeit parts  

Faulted machines, due to counterfeit parts and faulty service, could cause serious bodily harm or death if it should fail during the treatment of a patient.

Thanks to the work of LEGAL DRX, consumers and medical professionals who previously had few resources to understand the scope of the problem or the potential dangers from purchasing counterfeit parts or service from these illegal and false AXIOM providers, patients now have ways to verify the certification of the doctors using a DRX9000, to report suspicions of counterfeit DRX9000 products, and to become educated about these issues.

In addition to being a clearinghouse for certified safe DRX9000 machines, LEGAL DRX also collaborates with its members and partners in global regulatory and law enforcement to ensure that those involved in manufacturing or selling counterfeit machines are apprehended and the illegal providers are stripped of their abilities to transact or be fooled by unsuspecting consumers.


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