If you are a Doctor, currently in the possession and are using a DRX9000, and would like to inquire about your place on the list of VERIFIED DRX9000 Doctors. Please fill out the form below to reach our verification department!

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Thanks to the work of LEGAL DRX, consumers and medical professionals who previously had few resources to understand the scope of the problem or the potential dangers from utilizing fraudulent parts or service from these illegal and false AXIOM providers, now have ways to verify the certification of their Doctors's DRX9000, to report suspicions of fraudulent DRX9000 products, and to become educated about these issues.

If you are a Patient and feel your Doctor may be using a DRX9000 with faulty counterfeit parts, click here to VERIFY if the machine is 100% serviced or operating with AXIOM parts and service personnel.